Which Android HTTP library to use?

Today almost every app uses HTTP/HTTPS requests as the main transport for transferring data. Even if you’re not using HTTP directly, there are dozens of SDKs which you may have included in your app (e.g. analytics, crash reporting, ads, etc.) that use it for networking. There are quite few good HTTP libaries available today, which any developer may consider to use in his project. I’ll try to cover the main ones in this post. Android developers have many different reasons to choose third party HTTP libraries over existing public APIs, such as HttpURLConnection or Apache Client. For example: ability to cancel network calls execute requests in parallel connection pooling to re-use existing socket connections local caching of responses simple async interface to avoid blocking in main or UI thread wrapping REST API calls retry policy and backoff efficiently load and transform images serializing through JSON support SPDY, HTTP/2

Source: Which Android HTTP library to use? – PacketZoom Blog